About Us

We are the revolution makers In Roofing and Allied Services

Greenma Rooffing is located in Kakkalur Industrial Estate, Tiruvallur. who has been in the Roofing business from July 2018 providing comprehensive services for all of your roofing needs. We have a new 10,000 Sq.ft Covered Factory and we Greenma Rooffing are very proud of alleviating all of the clients’ needs and queries. Our manufacturing process is designed in such a way that all our products come out to the desired quality standards. Our team ensures that you get the appropriate product at the right time and satisfy your distinct construction and fabrication needs.

You can trust the quality in which we produce our products. We ensure strict standards during the making of our Roofing sheets. Greenma Rooffings makes all the efforts to give you reduced costs, increased durability, ease of handling, and decreased duration for overall construction with our products. Greenma Rooffing is the ultimate destination if you are looking to install a new roofing sheet or repair/replace an existing one.

Our Mission

To make continued efforts to upgrade the quality of our products and services that we offer to our customers. In that effort we constantly strive to create and upgrade our system and facilities.and also we are planning for Pre Engineered Building (PEB) projects in future and also to produce and provide quality services at a very competitive price where both our business vision and customers are totally balanced. Our efforts and skills are to ensure our mission is fulfilled.

Our Vision

To ensure that the customer is delighted in all aspects and building a strong satisfied customer base And to provide people universal access to different kinds of roofing structures and to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity in the roofing domain.

Expertise & Experience

15+ Years Working Experience In The Area Of Steel Design and managing sectors we have started the Roofing And Cladding, Fabrication And Construction Of Factory Shed.With the brilliant ideas from our experience our company is reaching desired heights in the industry. We provide company employees with proper knowledge and updates of the industry which further help them keep their morale and productiveness boosted. To foster all round growth in the organization, they make obstinate efforts and works in the direction of moving strategically. They also keep themselves engaged in client coordination so as to understand the stipulations a better way.

We are supported by a team of professionals which are experienced in their respective terrains. They work in astute harmony with other which further provides them an ease to execute tasks. Our team mates have a healthy coordination amongst each other and always make their best efforts in order to greet clients in a specific manner. They keep themselves ready to face any challenge occur in the company and accomplish the task in appropriate manner.