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Steel Roofing & Cladding Sheets

As the best roofing manufacturers and suppliers in TIRUVALLUR & CHENNAI,TAMILNADU. We offer best Roofing Sheets in TIRUVALLUR & CHENNAI,TAMILNADU . We offer metal roofing sheets and accessories in TIRUVALLUR & CHENNAI,TAMILNADU and our products includes Color Roofing Sheet, metal roofing or cladding color sheets, Polycarbonate Sheets, metal decking sheets, purlins and other roofing accessories like screws. Contact us to know about metal Roofing Sheet and Lexan / Tuflite polycarbonate roofing sheet Prices in TIRUVALLUR & CHENNAI,TAMILNADU .

We are in business for more than 15 years and roofing sheets know the importance of any building construction. The material should be strong enough to withstand all the industrial and residential roofing needs. It products supplied by us in TIRUVALLUR & CHENNAI,TAMILNADU appear stylish, resistant to heat and are easy to maintain.

We are among the best roofing sheets provider in TIRUVALLUR & CHENNAI,TAMILNADU and you can find the best steel roofing sheet material and polycarbonate sheets in best price at Greenma Rooffing Tamilnadu, of the leading companies in steel roofing in TAMILNADU, India offer sheets of different shapes and colours. We have the proven technology and efficient team that ensure your workplace a safe and secure one.

Our products supplied by us are made of top quality steel that can withstand extreme temperatures, aesthetically appealing and withstand high tensile strength. We always finish our projects starting from the supply of roofing sheets to the installation ahead of the schedule which is the major advantage for our clients saving time and money.

SHEET COLOR : Off White - JSWA572S

SHEET COLOR : Pepsi Blue - JSWA589S

SHEET COLOR : Nova Blue - JSWA578S

SHEET COLOR : Capri Blue - JSWA592S

SHEET COLOR : Light Blue - JSWA577S

SHEET COLOR : Turquoise Blue - JSWA596S

SHEET COLOR : Caulifield Green - JSWA594S

SHEET COLOR : Bright Green - JSWA595S

SHEET COLOR : Environment Green - JSWA574S

SHEET COLOR : Mist Green - JSWA591S

Metal Roofing Sheet Specification


A Metal roof can withstand without decomposing and deterioting under all weather conditions. with wide variety of colors, styles and patterns no individual is disappointed, the colors don’t fade making it beautiful for life long

Metal Roofing Layer Diagram

Details Al Zn / Bare Galvalume Color Coated Galvalume Pre Painted Galvanized
Details Al Zn / Bare Galvalume Color Coated Galvalume Pre Painted Galvanized
Combination  55% AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI  55% AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI  99.5%ZN
 Coating Std  AS 1397 – 93  AS 1397 – 93  AS per is 277
 Material  Bare Galvalume – ASTM A792M  BGL & CCGL  C.C.Galvanized
 Coating Mass  AZ 150 gsm  120 gsm /  90-120 gsm
 Nominal Thickness (TCT)  0.47TCT & 0.50TCT AS/NZS – 1365-96  0.40TCT, 0.47TCT, 0.50TCT & 0.54TCT  0.30TCT, 0.35TCT, 0.40TCT, 0.47TCT & 0.50TCT
 Yield Strength  550 Mpa  550 Mpa  300 & 550 Mpa
 Paint  —-  Regular Modified Polyester system Silicon modified Polyester system  Regular Modified Polyester system Silicon modified Polyester system